A project is only as good as the strategy behind it.


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Words by Wonderful Digital

If you want lasting client relationships, everyone must be in it to win it, immersed in the project from conception to final output, with collaboration the key ingredient. Collaboration across disciplines, allows teams to quickly switch gears, dodge problems and outrun competitors. To provide customers with real solutions, we need to conceive the problem from every angle, through the perspectives of each member, in order to navigate the problem and narrate an effective strategy.

Let’s not forget about the strategist’s secret weapon - Stealth. Attention to detail and adaptability help us overcome the seemingly unnoticeable but fast paced environmental changes that will sneak up behind you. The strategist keeps the team on their toes, so they can dodge curveballs and attack each problem through first hand knowledge and personal conviction.

The firststep to a strong project build is the foundation, and we know that when it comes to strategising structural integrity two eyes are better than one. Diving deep into the client’s business through asking questions- silly or not, and listening without judgment, lets us synthesise our learnings and craft astrategic project narrative.

Strategy is about learning, unlearning and relearning new patterns and behaviours, it’s about finding better words to shape a narrative that feels fresh, interesting, and relevant. But how do we create space for discovery of what we don’t yetknow, that could unlock something we never thought possible?

Encouraging curiosity helps us to avoid formulaic, pre-determined and uninterested approaches to strategy. There is a fine line between structure and chaos, and to walk this tightrope we need time and patience. It may feel uncomfortable, but this is the key to creative tension, where new ideas thrive.