Spotify Wrapped 2022, A content marketers dream. What can we learn?


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Words by Wonderful Digital

It’s hard to believe Spotify is in its tenth year. The Swedish born audio streaming phenomenon has amassed over 456 million users since its launch, seeing Spotify lovers literally wrapped to the back teeth with the service.


Spotify Wrapped is the new year gift that just keeps giving. This highly personalised and interactive experience dives deep into our year-long listening journey and serves up much more than just our favourite songs, artists and genres. In 2021 over 120 million users accessed Wrapped with almost 60 million shares across various social media platforms.

The fascination with Wrapped just keeps snowballing. According to Google Trends, Spotify Wrapped averaged 41 million searches worldwide in November alone, that’s 34% up on the same time last year.

Shiny New Things


Last year’s introduction of the ‘Audio Aura’ profile has inspired this year’s ‘listener personality’ feature. Think of the old school personality tests such as Myers-Briggs but cooler and more colourful. This feature is not only insightful to users but beautifully brag-worthy, making Spotify Wrapped both creatively packaged and irresistibly shareable.


Behaviours such as what time of day we listen to what type of music is just the tip of the ‘insights iceberg’. Wrapped looks at how open we are to discovering new music, the age of the music we listen to and the range of artists we explore – among other things – to determine which of the 16 personality types we belong to. It works cohesively with another new feature, Audio Day, an output that paints a colourful portrait of our listening moods from morning to night.

Put these together and you’ve got shareable gold.


Flexing Internal Data Muscle


Wrapped is far from Big Brother, spying and prying on us throughout the year. It is unintrusive, internal data science at work with fun outputs delivered at a festive time of year in a colourful and creative way. That’s a killer combo! Users enjoy the fact that Spotify has been quietly paying attention to their music tastes and their moods throughout the year, all without nagging or badgering them for information, as it’s already there. That’s the beauty of internal data capturing.


Sharing is Caring

As a hugely successful viral marketing technique. Spotify Wrapped offers a few insightful take-aways for the content marketers among us. Rather than using Wrapped as a tool to draw in new listeners, Spotify has focused on gift giving and sharing as the key to nurturing the relationship with existing users. When users share their listener personality on social media the domino effect follows, and sharing Spotify Wrapped profiles quickly becomes a new year tradition for millions of users.


Annual searches for Spotify Wrapped have increased per country overall. Audiences across the USA hit an annual search rate of just over 90 million, followed by the UK with 33 million searches, while Australian searches peaked at just over 12 million. Healthy numbers in anyone’s language.

If It Ain't Broke, Don’t Fix It.


As any good marketer knows, consistency plays an integral part in creating customer loyalty and Wrapped puts it to work. It looks and feels familiar to users year after year and the addition of new features is like the cherry on top, especially when they can integrate with certain social media platforms and be shared instantly.


From a content marketing perspective, Wrapped consistently delivers and delights, further nourishing the worldwide Spotify community it has created with highly personalised content and outputs that don’t read like yawn-worthy data, but instead feels like a belated Christmas present.