What were the top trends in digital marketing for 2022? SEO, PPC, & Content.


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Words by Wonderful Digital

What’s been trending?

We’ve interrogated the best of the best, on a hunt to find expert predictions for the top digital marketing trends of the new year. You want to inspire your clients to consider new, innovative strategies that will boost their online presence. The following points are a taste of what’s out there, and what’s to come.

Bigger and better customer experiences

In an oversaturated market, connecting with your audience on a deeper, more emotional level, makes their experience with your brand meaningful, creating repeat customers and generating positive online reviews. But make sure to pick up on repeat issues before they do, as a bad review speaks louder than a good one.

Putting AI and VR to work

AI-powered technology such as machine learning and virtual reality is a sight for sore eyes. This novelty tech is a smart investment as it is soon to become mainstream. Jumping on this bandwagon makes customer experiences interactive and unique.

Cast the content net wide

Social media platforms are the key to brand awareness, so why not use them all to reach your target audience, wherever they are. Take it one step further and diversify your content too, utilising multiple methods such as influencer marketing and virtual events, to keep your audiences engaged and connected


A is for Automation

Save your time and money by joining the trend for marketing automation. Generic and unrelated content is a thing of the past as services like Mailchimp can schedule and automate email marketing campaigns, ensuring every subscriber receives a tailored experience, with more services alike soon to emerge for different platforms.


Raise the bar on content quality

This trend remains foundational for your online presence, as content is king. A reminder that no matter what new tactics arise, they will only work if your content is of high quality.