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Brand mark evolution


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Systems technology architecture

Gregory is a renowned luxury jewellery brand with a legacy dating back to 1967. Known for its commitment to craftsmanship, elegance, and quality, Gregory offers a diverse range of exquisite pieces, from engagement rings to custom creations.


Wonderful integrated the Wordpress site with eCommerce platform WooCommerce, Salesforce CRM and search and discovery tool Algolia.


Despite its rich heritage and high-quality products, Gregory Jewellers faced several challenges with its existing website.

The previous website, although functional, presented an opportunity for enhancement in alignment with the brand's commitment to elegance and sophistication. While it served desktop users well, it needed optimisation for mobile devices to provide an even more seamless experience for a broader audience.

We also recognised room for improvement in simplifying the navigation for their extensive jewellery catalogue, ensuring that customers could effortlessly discover and explore products. In terms of conversion rate, we aimed to bring it in line with industry standards as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the overall online shopping experience.

Brand Evolution

In our process of evolving the brand mark we deliberately maintained a delicate balance between preserving the core essence of the brand's heritage while also innovating it to stay current. Through this process, the brand will not only remain relevant but also forge deeper connections with customers, fostering loyalty and trust in an ever-changing consumer landscape.

Modern and Elegant Design

Contemporary design and visual storytelling showcases the Gregory commitment to elegance and luxury while presenting each brand and collection in their full glory.

Mobile Optimisation

The new website was built with a mobile-first approach to ensure a seamless experience for users on smartphones and tablets. 

Improved Navigation

An intuitive user-centric navigation system was implemented, allowing customers to filter and search for products by various criteria, including metal type, gemstone, and price range.

Algolia Advanced Search

Algolia's lightning-fast and highly relevant search results ensure customers quickly find the jewellery they desire, even accommodating typographical errors. Faceted search capabilities enable users to refine their choices, and Algolia's mobile optimisation ensures seamless searching across all devices.

Immersive Product Exploration

Navigating products is a journey of both discovery and inspiration. Minimal and meticulously crafted interface design highlights the captivating product and lifestyle imagery while providing easy access to comprehensive product details.

Efficient Checkout 

A streamlined and user-centric checkout process with multiple payment options ensures a hassle-free and secure transaction experience. Minimising form fields and offering guest checkout options to reduce friction.

Trust-Building Elements

Trust and credibility were bolstered by prominently displaying certifications, warranty information, and free secure shipping on product pages.

Integrated Marketing

The site was integrated with email marketing platforms and social media channels, allowing Gregory Jewellers to engage with customers and promote exclusive offers and events.

Customer Support

Accessible customer support channels, such as live chat and responsive email support, were set up to assist users with inquiries and build trust in the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction.

SEO Optimisation

The website's SEO was enhanced by optimising product descriptions, metadata, and implementing schema markup to improve search engine visibility.

“This new digital platform marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide extraordinary shopping experiences to our valued customers. Working closely with Wonderful we have harmonised tradition and innovation, preserving our legacy while embracing the future.”

Helen Gregory
Co‑Chief Executive Officer

Guy Rob

Managing Director, Artbid

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