Services include


Naming and brand creation


Platform design and development


Technology and systems architecture


CRM & loyalty


Paid media

Artbid is the premier platform for online-only art auctions, featuring exquisite contemporary Australian art at affordable prices, all in one place.

Every artwork showcased in an Artbid auction is an authentic original. Meticulously hand-picked by their expert curators, Artbid ensure that only the finest pieces make their way to the auction catalogue.


Wonderful integrated the Wordpress site with the auction technology platform Bidpath. Features include, timed auctions, cataloging, webcast auctions and a complete back office auction management toolkit. We implemented the ZOHO CRM system to capture user data and drive marketing automation.

Brand Awareness

As a new website, building brand awareness in the competitive art market was crucial. Establishing a strong brand identity and online presence through social media, CRM and loyalty was necessary to gain credibility and trust among potential users.

User Experience

The website's success depended heavily on providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. Optimising the platform for easy navigation, fast loading times, and mobile responsiveness was critical to retain users and encourage repeat visits.

Attracting Artists

Creating supply and demand between artists and buyers was a key early-stage challenge for the platform. Attracting a critical mass of artists was crucial as buyers were most likely to join with a significant collection of valuable art pieces available.


The art industry already has established online marketplaces, making it challenging for a new platform like ArtBid to compete. Understanding the competition's strengths and weaknesses and offering a unique value propositions was crucial in differentiating the website.

Building Demand

Designing effective marketing strategies tailored to the art community can be complex. A comprehensive analysis of the company's target audience, key preferences and behaviours. Utilising art-related content marketing, collaborating with artists, and exploring targeted digital advertising was necessary to attract the right audience.

CRM & Loyalty

Armed with target audience data we crafted a highly personalised email drip campaign and content strategy. Email design was optimised for various clients and devices, with the campaign strategy achieving an impressive open rate of 77.3% and CTOR of 32.5%, driving brand loyalty and revenue growth.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ranking well on search engines for relevant art-related keywords is vital for organic traffic. Creating high-quality, art-focused content and optimising the website's technical aspects for SEO will be a continuous effort.

Security and Trust

Running successful art auctions required a well-designed bidding system that promotes engagement while avoiding fraudulent activity. Financial transactions for high-value art pieces demand robust security measures, with transparent auction processes developing deep trust between artists, buyers, the platform and brand.

“In the competitive art market, brand awareness is crucial. Establishing a strong and credible identity, backed by a trusted and secure online platform, is essential.

Wonderful demonstrated they have the full suite of services we needed and have consistently shown their expertise and agility in bringing this Australian first product to life. "

Guy Rob

Managing Director, Artbid

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