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UX and user testing


Responsive design



Merivale is so much more than a restaurant business. A pioneer of the Australian hospitality industry, it has become the ultimate curator of memorable experiences.

With more than 80 brands and venues in Merivale’s portfolio, our challenge was to create creating a seamless digital experience that could flex to the individual needs of each.

The site needed to integrate multiple third-party data sources, while allowing space for the business to continue to grow at pace.

We created customisable venue pages for each Merivale brand to express its own look and feel, emulating the unique experience guests get from each distinct venue.

It was imperative the online booking system was seamless, so we designed a custom panel that integrates all of the Merivale venues into one system. It provides a simple, straightforward booking experience for customers, with lightning-fast predictive search.

Intuitive navigation and lightning search point users in the right direction across all devices, with an advanced search solution that gives answers in an instant. The visual breadcrumb gives users context of where they are on the site, while providing useful navigation functionality.

Just like in hospitality, it’s the little things that make an interaction truly memorable. The form UI is dynamic and fast with live feedback, yet simple and refined to give users confidence in the overall Merivale experience. To connect with our audience, we created a space for content to come alive. Colourful imagery awakens the tastebuds and welcomes people into our world – warm, inviting, and always uniquely Merivale.

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